Theory of Constraints

Theory of Constraints (ToC) in a nutshell


Chris HOHMANN – Author

Theory of Constraints is often explained using the chain and weakest link metaphor: an organization, system, company, workshop or process can be seen as a chain made of various links, like departments in a company.

The success or performance of the whole is limited by its weakest link, like a chain’s resistance or strength is limited by the weakest link.

To improve success or performance of the whole, it is necessary and sufficient to focus the effort onto the weakest link.

Theory of Constraints provides the framework, tools and Thinking Processes to get more out of a constraint system.

Theory of Constraints and Material and Information flow

Thinking Processes: how ToC handles intangible constraints

A constraint is not always a bottleneck resource, it can be a rule, a policy, beliefs, etc.

>More Thinking Processes

Dedicated Goal Tree page

Critical Chain Project Management

Throughput Accounting


About the Author, Chris HOHMANN

About the Author, Chris HOHMANN

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