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Chris HOHMANN – Author

The concept of the Smart Factory or Industry 4.0 (called Industry of the future in France) is all about the improvements, changes and disruptions likely to happen thanks to new technologies, cobots, big data, regulations or social changes. The old economies try to invent a new future for industry that once made their strength, find new ways to create value and growth and hopefully jobs.

This portal is intended as an observatory as well as a prospective thinking lab.

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Bad times are coming for those reluctant to change as Information Technologies will soon bring major disruptions in our everyday’s lives. Many of these changes will be for the better, some are questionable. The near future looks exciting and a bit scary. The best is to be prepared.

A revolution in manufacturing technology The advances in manufacturing technologies that we are seeing are more exciting and potentially more disruptive than anything we’ve seen in a long time. These include advanced robotics, which create much more flexibility in the way automation can work in a factory than in the past. This also includes digitized manufacturing, where plant managers can monitor machines on their iPhones and make real-time decisions about how to optimize production in a factory, as well as to do much more predictive maintenance work around their assets—and going beyond managing a factory that way, to manage a whole global network of factories and suppliers with this kind of real-time information.

Source: Radically reshaping manufacturing: A conversation with Katy George,


Critical view on the 10 Propositions for Industry 4.0 in the Post-Corona Economy

The German National Stakeholder Platform Industrie 4.0, and more specifically the expert group “Digital Business Models for Industrie 4.0”, published a position paper titled “Ten Propositions on the Future of Digital Business Models for Industry 4.0 in the Post-Corona Economy”. Hereunder are my posts sharing my (critical) thoughts about them. You may as well jump directly to my conclusion.

Trends, tech, hype and hypotheses

3D printing and additive manufacturing

How can Lean help shaping the future?

What jobs in the factory of the future?

From other sources on these topics:

Industrial Internet – Industry 4.0

  • Promises of technologies for the future by economist Marco Annunziata on TEDTalks “The worker of the future will be more like iron man than the Charlie Chaplin of Modern Times“ GE’s view about Industrial Internet
  • What is Industry 4.0 – Juergen Kanz an extensive presentation of the German concept called “Industrie 4.0”

4 thoughts on “Smart Factory – Industry 4.0

  1. Awesome! I’ve read a bit of your article about 3D Printers featuring into the Factory of the Future – how far do you think this will go in connection to average jobs being replaced by robotic personal? Do you foresee a time where the average civilian can use a 3D Printer? (I’ve recently finished building a 3D Printer for my senior year Independent Study and the topic, even in association of the future, fascinates me)


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