2018: one year of blogging in retrospect

At the moment of writing these lines, the year has 5 more days to go until 2019 and complete its fifth year of existence. The 2018 counter of views shows 89,670,  a 16.5% increase compared to previous year, thanks to 53,430 visitors. A still modest score, but I am working on it. I managed to … Continue reading 2018: one year of blogging in retrospect

My blog’s third birthday

January 2014 - January 2017, my blog is now online for 3 years and counts 347 posts. Thanks to all of you my audience is gently growing on this blog, as well as on my Youtube channel and on tweeter. All organic! What is the most read here? According to the stats, Constraint vs. bottleneck … Continue reading My blog’s third birthday

Discarded the bloody app, feel better now

It was the one which inspired me my post: “Minimum Viable Product or just crap?”, it kept upsetting me over and over while claiming to be the top app for social media management. I got rid of it and feel much better now. Not only can I get beyond the limitations, but I have a … Continue reading Discarded the bloody app, feel better now

One year in retrospect and my blog’s second anniversary

In these last days of 2015, here is the year in retrospect and my blog's second anniversary. On December 28th, 2015, my blog counted 271 posts. There is only one reblog, so 270 posts over two years are mine. 2015 saw 90 new posts published, roughly one every four days. I thought I was more … Continue reading One year in retrospect and my blog’s second anniversary

Minimum Viable Product or just crap?

Having started my career in the heyday of Total Quality Management (it brings us back to the early 1980s!) and being educated to worship customer satisfaction in the Lean way, I am not very at ease with the Minimum Viable Product concept. A minimum viable product has just those core features that allow the product … Continue reading Minimum Viable Product or just crap?

Two years with my Chromebook

We write June 28th of 2015. It is now two years (July 2013) since I purchased a Samsung Chromebook model 303C12. Faithful sidekick when traveling light and long battery life are required, when in couch surfing mood or for typing my blog posts, I happen to be disappointed sometimes. But as it goes with friends, it … Continue reading Two years with my Chromebook

March 2015 review of February

February is the shortest month of the year. It’s a poor excuse for my few February postings I know, but lack of time is nevertheless the primary cause of this historical low number of posts on my blog. Not that February wasn’t rich of experiences and inspiration, but turn ideas into written lines requires some … Continue reading March 2015 review of February

Some thoughts for 2015

In the early days of 2015 I am not thinking about resolutions I won’t stick to, I am thinking about practices I’ve witnessed and evolutions I presume will happen. These ideas are seeds of the future posts on this blog. Among the posts to come, the Lean pendulum. It could be thought that after long … Continue reading Some thoughts for 2015