Will the fight against COVID-19 bring back 5S?

In April 2019 I posted an article titled Will 5S resist 4.0 tech? sincerely thinking 5S were doomed as 4.0 tech spread. Roughly one year later, May 2020, most countries of the northern hemisphere try to get back to a new normal after being locked down in order to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. Lisez-moi en … Continue reading Will the fight against COVID-19 bring back 5S?

Will instant gratification survive COVID-19?

Most of people having experienced lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, directly or indirectly, have also most probably rediscovered the necessity of anticipation and the fading of instant gratification. Supplies that we were accustomed to get anytime or at short notice simply weren’t available anymore. No way to get out and sip your espresso in the … Continue reading Will instant gratification survive COVID-19?

Post-COVID business: don’t go chasing butterflies!

The coronavirus pandemic crisis disrupted many business and industries, caught unprepared by the consequences of a biological virus. Many business owners and leaders reacted with a sharp switch to new activities, like providing disposable face masks, disinfectant gel or more sophisticated things like respirators. Many surfed this wave for the greater general good, others more … Continue reading Post-COVID business: don’t go chasing butterflies!