Why the Goal Tree is more and more relevant

Command and control management style, based on standardized work and centralized decision-making, becomes increasingly irrelevant as more and more business environments become highly variable and the number and pace of decisions to make soar. What is required is autonomy and accountability as well as alignment on a well understood Goal. The Goal Tree is an … Continue reading Why the Goal Tree is more and more relevant

Problem solving: what was the last change?

This post could be a sequel of “Yeah, problem solving” in which I used Peter Senge’s quote: “Today’s problems come from yesterday’s solutions”. Quite often people we consultants meet are puzzled by a problem they can’t understand: a reliable process or machine suddenly seems out of control, steady performance dropped unexpectedly and with no apparent … Continue reading Problem solving: what was the last change?

Yeah, problem solving

Most people love to solve problems and feel the satisfaction of getting rid of some nasty tricky problem. It’s an outdated but still lasting belief that management is about problem solving. Problem solving turned in some cases into the managers’ and engineers’ holly mission and in some minds, the more problems the manager/engineer solves, the … Continue reading Yeah, problem solving

Cobots: more cooperation than collaboration

Cobot is the contraction of “collaborative” and “robot”, name and concept of a new kind of robots able to work literally hand-in-hand with humans without a safety fence between them. Cobots are hype and the word tends to become generic for any kind of robot working in close proximity of humans. A study from the … Continue reading Cobots: more cooperation than collaboration

Why would I learn to think (logically)?

Most people are convinced of their ability to think logically and don’t see the point of getting a specific training like the Logical Thinking Process  training course. Indeed, in some extend most of the people have an innate basic logical thinking way, otherwise our world would be pretty weird. Yet it is also true that … Continue reading Why would I learn to think (logically)?