Two years with my Chromebook

We write June 28th of 2015. It is now two years (July 2013) since I purchased a Samsung Chromebook model 303C12. Faithful sidekick when traveling light and long battery life are required, when in couch surfing mood or for typing my blog posts, I happen to be disappointed sometimes. But as it goes with friends, it … Continue reading Two years with my Chromebook

Six-day Logical Thinking Process training with Bill Dettmer

I was fortunate to attend the six-day Logical Thinking Process (LTP) training delivered by Bill Dettmer, June 2015 in Paris, France and here are some thoughts about it. Prerequisites for attending Bill’s training course Good command of English First of all, the training course and related material are delivered in English. Even if Bill takes … Continue reading Six-day Logical Thinking Process training with Bill Dettmer

So many wasted data

In many organizations people capture a lot of data and... just ignore them, wasting their potential value. The latest case, at the moment I write this post, is with an aircraft MRO company. This post echoes a previous one: Trouble with manual data capture Every aircraft undergoing MRO requires a lot of mandatory paperwork for … Continue reading So many wasted data