Tales from the (corporate) Pyramid

Chris HOHMANN Tales of the Pyramid are posts about what the corporate pyramids have learned me. The stories are about management, myths, beliefs, assumptions and the real life down the ladder.

The shape of the Pyramid if common to mankind since groups of humans organized themselves according to roles and specialities. To free a medicine man from the tribe’s chores, the others had to take over hunting, building, defense, etc. Thus only one shaman per n people was bearable. Go on with other specialities and very soon you build a hierarchical pyramid.

Even if organizations seem to evolve toward other forms: flat, holacracy… the pyramid still prevails.

As a consultant, I could visit and help lots of companies, understand their organization and watch what happens to their  hierarchical structure.

The Tales from the Pyramid are small stories about what can happen in organizations as they grow big enough to have a structure a single person cannot monitor and control every deviation within.

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