TLS – Theory of Constraints, Lean, Six Sigma


Chris HOHMANN – Author

TLS stands for Theory of Constraints, Lean and Six Sigma. TLS is a synergetic approach using the combination of the three.


Theory of Constraints?

A good introduction to Theory of Constraints (ToC) is to first understand what a bottleneck resource is, further what a constraint is and finally be sure to understand the difference between Constraint and Bottleneck

>The very minimum to know about Theory of Constraints

>Bottleneck explained with water pipes

>ToC’s dice game as in “The Goal”

What is a Goal Tree?

A Goal Tree, sometimes still referred to as Intermediate Objective Map or IO Map, is primarily a Thinking Process tool, itself subset of the Theory of Constraints. A Goal Tree describes the logical links between the Goal, few Critical Success Factors (CSFs) that are to be achieved to achieve the Goal and a tree-structured Necessary Conditions (NCs) to achieve the  CSFs.

To learn more, read >What is a Goal Tree?

Goal Tree, what for?

  • How Goal Tree can help Hoshin Kanri? A Goal Tree (Theory of Constraints / Thinking Processes tool) can help to define the required breakthroughs for strategic planning that Hoshin Kanri (Lean tool) will help to plan and cascade
  • A Goal Tree as vehicle for change management explains how the logical analysis of the actual situation and building the desired future condition with all stakeholders prevents resistance to change

Goal Tree chronicles

This series is about my own experience and lessons learnt with Goal Trees

  • Goal tree chronicles – What is our Goal? Business unit top managers unable to state the purpose of their unit, hence to define a Goal
  • Goal Tree chronicles – What are our CSF? Executives sharing a goal but unable to state the underlying Critical Success Factors
  • Goal Tree chronicles – The pharma plant A story about 20+ alleged strategic streams to manage
  • Goal Tree chronicles – ToC is about focusing! How Goal Tree and Hoshin Kanri would have helped pharma plant

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