Goal Tree: Beware of autumnal colors

A Goal Tree is the logical description of all Necessary Conditions that must be fulfilled in order to achieve the organization's Goal. A Goal Tree is also the benchmark against which to measure the actual state, thus showing where and onto what focusing improvement efforts. After building a Goal Tree, I propose to color-code its … Continue reading Goal Tree: Beware of autumnal colors

Poor problem management: disregarding C customers

I see it quite often this poor problem management in B2B: instead of tackling the problems, companies prefer to serve their A and B customers first, at the expense of the C ones. A, B and C customers refer to ABC portfolio analysis, a Pareto chart approach of customer base in which customers are sorted … Continue reading Poor problem management: disregarding C customers

If at least two tell the same

This post is a kind of extension to the previous “Solve problems with few, messy data” in which I exposed ways to overcome the lack of solid and sufficient data to start solving problems and improve. I faced such a case with few, messy and incomplete data where I managed to gather some bits out … Continue reading If at least two tell the same

Dr Deming’s symphony

Gemba walking or assessing a process without Goal in mind may lead to false conclusions. This post was inspired by a mention about Dr Deming and inefficiencies in orchestra on a Mark Graban’s podcast (at 34mn). Let’s take a symphonic orchestra as an organization activating around 100 different resources (musicians) to deliver value to its … Continue reading Dr Deming’s symphony

Some thoughts for 2015

In the early days of 2015 I am not thinking about resolutions I won’t stick to, I am thinking about practices I’ve witnessed and evolutions I presume will happen. These ideas are seeds of the future posts on this blog. Among the posts to come, the Lean pendulum. It could be thought that after long … Continue reading Some thoughts for 2015

Thermodynamics of Eternity or Current Reality Tree in Hell

Paris, November 2014, Bill Dettmer was guest of Marris Consulting. I was fortunate to be among the guests for videotaping interviews. In the following video, Bill introduces the Current Reality Tree, first of the Thinking Processes tools, with an uncommon example. >Previous video: Video interviews with Bill Dettmer: LTP training participant’s testimony If you liked … Continue reading Thermodynamics of Eternity or Current Reality Tree in Hell