Katacon Europe 2018

Many months ago I was approached by the European Katacon organizers to help setting up the 2018 conference. Katacon is about kata, the Toyota Kata revealed to the mass by Mike Rother in the book... Toyota Kata. It’s about patterns of thinking and behaviour to improve and solve problems. I modestly offered my website, blogs … Continue reading Katacon Europe 2018

You are entering unclear territory

This post is inspired by some pictures* in Mike Rother’s book “Toyota Kata”, very relevant in our actual changing times and complex situations. I really like the figures that remind that the journey towards a goal requires entering unclear territory at some point. Experience from the military tells that no plan, regardless how carefully it … Continue reading You are entering unclear territory

What coaching means to me – part one

In business we hear “coaching” a lot, maybe too often. While passing over knowledge and experience or helping people to improve a practice is a good thing, the way I see coaching done is far from delivering this kind of value. The latest case is with a large corporation having launched a Lean program - … Continue reading What coaching means to me – part one

Downsides of kaizen events

In a previous post I explained what kaizen events are and ended it with some reservations. In this one I'll explain why. I am no opponent to kaizen events, I simply point out the deviations I have witnessed. >Lisez-moi en français kaizen events are quick actions performed in a very limited time, limited perimeter and focused … Continue reading Downsides of kaizen events

How lean can help shaping the future? Introduction

Lean, no doubt, is a powerful proven business management system with long track record of success stories (and probably as many failed attempts). In 60 years, Lean made it slowly from Lean Manufacturing to Lean Thinking and Lean Management, from small improvement experiments in industrial workshops to worldwide shared Body of Knowledge. Despite all the … Continue reading How lean can help shaping the future? Introduction

Four uses of an A3 report

When talking about A3 reports, one thinks about problem solving approach. While this Lean tool perfectly fits this purpose, there is more than just a structured and formal approach to problem solving in it. The four uses of an A3 report When using A3 reports one soon notices it's a great media for telling stories. … Continue reading Four uses of an A3 report

Difficult definition of Lean

Did you ever face the same difficulty explaining Lean to someone who knows nothing about it? It’s a real dilemma between giving a short yet oversimplified definition or setting up a kind of improvised conference that may disconnect your audience before it got the minimum understanding about Lean, isn’t it? Once familiar with Lean, the … Continue reading Difficult definition of Lean

Mike Rother’s definition of Lean

Defining Lean in a concise way is a challenge. Mike Rother's definition as reported in february 2014 issue of Quality Progress goes like this: Lean is the permanent struggle to flow value to one customer This elevator pitch needs to be further explained. Mike Rother delivers some additional bullet points onto which I develop a … Continue reading Mike Rother’s definition of Lean