Goal Tree chronicles – The hamster and the tree

Companies in nowadays competition need proactive and engaged people, yesteryear managers are expected to turn into leaders. Despite this general truth and the logical demonstration of required change, some managers just stick to their cosy routine: the hamsters. In this post: How a “hamster” manager refuses to embrace change required by robust logical analysis At … Continue reading Goal Tree chronicles – The hamster and the tree

Beyond disengaged: actively disengaged

Disengaged employees are passionless and unmotivated about their job. They are at the lowest level for both own satisfaction and contribution to the organization’s goal / performance. >Lisez cet article en français There is another category known as “actively disengaged” that goes beyond the disengaged. Those employee are unhappy and unproductive at work and have … Continue reading Beyond disengaged: actively disengaged

Employee Engagement Model as self-assessment tool

In a previous post, I presented the Employee Engagement Model as guidelines for management. In this post I take the other side’s view (employee’s) and consider it as a self-assessment tool. Self-assessment Regardless to position and job, everyone can self-assess his/her satisfaction/contribution level on a more or less arbitrary High/low scale. Of course this self-assessment is … Continue reading Employee Engagement Model as self-assessment tool

Employee Engagement Model as guidelines for management

The Employee Engagement Model provides a framework for understanding employee’s behaviors and the balance between contribution and satisfaction as well as guidelines for management. For a manager, his team can be seen as a portfolio of resources who need differentiate care, depending on their engagement level. Engaged need to be kept in their state as … Continue reading Employee Engagement Model as guidelines for management

Disengaged? Really?

Before suspecting disengagement, it is wise to check if the employee’s behavior is not a low in motivation or fatigue than can be mistaken for disengagement. Everybody can have a period of low motivation, be discouraged, worried or just tired. It should not negatively influence the job, but humans are humans with their ups and … Continue reading Disengaged? Really?

BlessingWhite’s ‘X’ model of employee engagement

BlessingWhite's 'X' Model of Employee Engagement is about maximizing employees' satisfaction and thus maximize their contribution to organization's success. The name 'X' comes from the intersection of the two axes and the model proposes five basic employee engagement levels, relatively to the intensity of satisfaction and contribution. Full Engagement occurs at the alignment of maximum … Continue reading BlessingWhite’s ‘X’ model of employee engagement