Goal Tree explained by Bill Dettmer

A Goal Tree, sometimes still referred to as Intermediate Objective Map or IO Map, is primarily a Thinking Processes tool, itself a kind of subset of the Theory of Constraints. The top of the Goal Tree is a strategic planning tool while going down to its bottom links strategy to operations.

In this video, Bill Dettmer explains the Goal Tree

Bill Dettmer’s quote from the interview, (The Goal Tree is):

The standard against which you evaluate reality to determine whether you’re doing well or not. Call it a set of metrics if you will.

Another quote from the interview:

As long as the Goal of the system doesn’t change (…) this tree doesn’t change. It could be good for five or ten years. (…) So the effort to do one of those trees is well invested because once it’s done, you can use it again and again to analyze progressively how you’re doing in the system.

Indeed, building a Goal Tree is not a quick and easy exercise. You may read it in my testimonial series: the Goal Tree chronicles.

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