2018: one year of blogging in retrospect

At the moment of writing these lines, the year has 5 more days to go until 2019 and complete its fifth year of existence. The 2018 counter of views shows 89,670,  a 16.5% increase compared to previous year, thanks to 53,430 visitors. A still modest score, but I am working on it.

I managed to post 42 articles in 2018, far less than what I would have liked to share. But I do not post blogs for a living and my too scarce private time must split between many activities, including my French website, my French blog and the making of videos for my Youtube channel.

The Logical Thinking Process and my favorite logic tool, the Goal Tree, inspired me the most. Second came Lean-related posts.

The logic tools are not just a matter of personal interest and taste, they prove useful daily, including when dealing with customers’ issues. As for Lean, despite a common feeling that it is fading out, Lean still proves to be great and the right answer to many companies trouble with regards to their performance.

My blogger’s guess for 2019 is that Lean will still be among the top 3 of my posts, along with digital transformation and all things related to the factory of the future. I hope you will be among the visitors of the blog, finding value in my posts and helping boost the blog’s views counter.

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