Meeting Bill Dettmer

I am fortunate having met William Dettmer in Paris, France, November 27 and 28th, 2014.

Bill is senior partner with Goal Systems International and author of eight books and numerous articles about Theory of Constraints, Thinking Processes and more.

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I have read Bill’s works and found myself deep-diving with great intellectual pleasure into Goal Trees, Current Reality Trees, Conflict Resolution Diagrams and more. It helped me a lot getting familiar with the Thinking Processes.

Having the opportunity to meet, chat and listen to the author in my hometown is a rare privilege I enjoyed very much.

Bill was guest of Philip Marris, the leading authority of Theory of Constraints in France, in his Paris office. Philip invited me too, challenging me with video recording and editing the meeting for an online series of videos.

Hohmann, Dettmer, Mano

These two days were great fun, sometimes for the talents in front of the cameras watching me running around the setup to check, fix or start a device, sometimes for all when the inevitable bloopers forced to restart the take.

While monitoring the recordings, I learnt a lot listening to Bill’s explanations and stories. He is not only an expert with long experience, he’s also a great storyteller.

These last points were endorsed by Erik Mano, the third guest of Marris Consulting, who attended Bill’s course in Luxembourg some time ago and testified about the course, its content and the usage he made of the Thinking Processes.

Regarding the number of books, Bill won (8 to 4) but admitted to the fact of being few years younger, I still can catch up.

But what I will never be good at is smiling.

Watch the first video introducing a serie about the Logical Thinking Process

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