Frightening slowness in a fast moving world

Usually the high pace of changes and speed of events in our world is frightening and we complain about things going much too fast, stressing our adaptation capabilities.

But as we get used to it, slowness once soothing can now be frightening.

In the last months is 2014 I am facing a change in my professional life, with a thrilling project at hand. This can significantly impact my personal life, career and bring me lot of satisfaction.

Alas, decisions go as slow as the European economy these days. Lots of hesitations and postponements, something never good with projects.

From initial excitement to frustrating waiting, this slowness is somewhat frightening. What if the project finally ends as a nogo?

Beyond my personal case, slowness and hesitations caused and still cause some (consulting) companies to go bankrupt, just because of decisions not taken, projects starts constantly postponed and above all: payments delayed.

When economic condition was better, it was manageable in some extend, however at the expense of margin. Now, clients’ hesitations and slowness are frightening.

Delayed payments for the sake of cash flow at the expense of suppliers remain unfair, as usual.

Isn’t it ironic that we usually grumble about so many things going too fast and suddenly complain about what goes too slow?

For important things, it’s even frightening slowness in a fast moving world.

About The Author, Chris HOHMANN

About The Author, Chris HOHMANN

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