Four good reasons to take a break if you are to remain efficient

Deep involvement in a project, problem solving or coaching really drains one’s energy. A periodic break is therefore mandatory in order to remain efficient. Here are four good reasons for it.

1. Recharge

Everyone needs a breather now and then. The tenser the situation, the more the break is needed.

Getting away some time from a project or an assignment helps recharging, gathering new energy and keeping fresh and motivated.

It does not have to be long but long enough to get the feeling of a real break. An extra day or two right before or immediately after a weekend for example can be good.

Taking a break doesn’t mean take holidays. Working on something else or seeing something else for a short period is usually enough.

2. Get rid of mental clutter

Taking a break is also an opportunity to get rid of mental clutter accumulated during the deep dive into the project or problem solving.

Often one just gets caught in a vicious circle, spinning around with a problem and not finding out.

Take a break.

When coming back, the brain is like reset and the mental cache emptied, ready to process new data or analyze differently.

3. Avoid complacency

Staying too long on the same subject may end up with complacency. After a while, abnormal conditions seem less shocking, ways are found to work around blockades rather than removing them and so on.

A breather helps to stay sharp, critical and to avoid complacency.

4. Look at the broader picture

Finally, stepping back simply helps to look at the broader picture. It’s easy to get drawn down into details and losing Sight of the Goal, of what is important.

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