“is / is not” analysis

Before rushing to solve a problem, every problem solving method recommends to spend meaningful time to analyse, understand and plan the action. The “is / is not” analysis is a very simple yet powerful tool to help clearing what is in the scope and what is to be left aside. The principle of  “is / … Continue reading “is / is not” analysis


7 Quality Control Tools – Graphs

They are known since heyday of Total Quality Management in the 1970s and they are still used and useful today: the seven quality control tools. These tools have been selected to give shopfloor workers means to control, analyse and improve quality based on facts and objective data. The tools are simple enough to be used … Continue reading 7 Quality Control Tools – Graphs

When three of us meet

Paris, France, February 27th, 2014 Three of the Theory, Lean, Six Sigma (TLS) community members met in Paris for diner: Michel Baudin Author, blogger, consultant, quoting himself fascinated with the art of making things, fluent in Japanese and several other languages and sharing his knowledge since the early days of Internet. >Michel’s Blog >Michel’s Linkedin … Continue reading When three of us meet

Black skies over Six Sigma?

Each methodology has had its doomsayers and skeptical people waiting for the next new fad. So does Six Sigma while still being one of the major methodologies deployed within organizations. The rise of Big Data may be the new and serious threat. In this early month of 2014, this article explores possible scenarios for the … Continue reading Black skies over Six Sigma?

ToC, Lean, Six Sigma and the fourth industrial revolution

According to its promoters, the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) will bring big changes and re-boost industry in Western Europe with the integration of digital technologies in smart resources and connected objects.Embedded smart technologies will free the future processes from some human weaknesses and limitations, if not from human attendance. With less needs for human … Continue reading ToC, Lean, Six Sigma and the fourth industrial revolution