5S: How a mundane shadow board can avoid a catastrophe

Shadow boards are a common in 5S. They are used to nudge users to return shared tools to their storage place and ease the visual and from a distance recognition if the needed tool is available on the board or elsewhere. In aeronautical MRO, the equivalent cut out foam shadow board in drawers is one … Continue reading 5S: How a mundane shadow board can avoid a catastrophe

Theory of Constraints, Lean and aviation MRO

In a previous post, “CCPM helps shorten aircrafts MRO”, I explained the benefits of Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) for reducing the aircraft downtime during their mandatory and scheduled MRO. If CCPM is great and helps a lot meeting the challenge, it will not squeeze out every potential improvement, thus time reduction, on its own. … Continue reading Theory of Constraints, Lean and aviation MRO

CCPM helps shorten aircraft MRO

Facts Aircrafts have to undergo periodic Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO). This is mandatory in order to insure the aircraft's airworthiness and overall safety. During these inspections and repairs, the aircrafts are grounded. For the owners and operators, the shorter the turnaround time*, the better. An aircraft is a huge investment and the ROI is … Continue reading CCPM helps shorten aircraft MRO

So many wasted data

In many organizations people capture a lot of data and... just ignore them, wasting their potential value. The latest case, at the moment I write this post, is with an aircraft MRO company. This post echoes a previous one: Trouble with manual data capture Every aircraft undergoing MRO requires a lot of mandatory paperwork for … Continue reading So many wasted data