The benefits of failing fast

In a recent conversation with a friend of mine, CEO of a small Consulting firm, he explained me how he energized his small company using Lean Startup principles and tools. Especially when it comes to answer calls for tender or a request for a proposal, Frederic (his name) has gotten pickier. “My test, he said, … Continue reading The benefits of failing fast

What is freemium?

What is freemium ? The word freemium is a combination of the words free and premium. It describes a business model in which you give a core product away for free to a large group of users and sell premium products to a smaller fraction of this user base.   Read more here at the source: What … Continue reading What is freemium?

Discarded the bloody app, feel better now

It was the one which inspired me my post: “Minimum Viable Product or just crap?”, it kept upsetting me over and over while claiming to be the top app for social media management. I got rid of it and feel much better now. Not only can I get beyond the limitations, but I have a … Continue reading Discarded the bloody app, feel better now

6 questions to frame your brilliant development idea

I was fortunate to interview Eli Schragenheim, well-known expert of Theory of Constraints, during his visit in our offices in Paris, October 2015. This interview is about the 6 questions to challenge, question, test or frame any new development of technology, product or service. These 6 questions are: What value does it bring? What current … Continue reading 6 questions to frame your brilliant development idea

Minimum Viable Product or just crap?

Having started my career in the heyday of Total Quality Management (it brings us back to the early 1980s!) and being educated to worship customer satisfaction in the Lean way, I am not very at ease with the Minimum Viable Product concept. A minimum viable product has just those core features that allow the product … Continue reading Minimum Viable Product or just crap?