The fallacy of bottom-up Lean initiatives – Part 2: top-down is no better

In the first part of this series I shared my doubts and experience about bottom-up lean initiative to be successful and sustainable. In this post I switch position and explain why top-down Lean doesn’t always work either.

What is a spaghetti diagram?

A spaghetti diagram, spaghetti plot or spaghetti chart is the drawing depicting the physical flow or route of: a part, raw material in a workshop or factory a human worker in his/her work environment a patient in his/her journey in a hospital nurses in their station a file or paperwork being handed over across offices … Continue reading What is a spaghetti diagram?

How Lean can help startups – Introduction

This post is an introduction to a series of articles dedicated to Lean and start-ups, more specifically: how Lean can help start-ups. Lean was revealed as “Lean Manufacturing” before spreading to virtually all business sectors and evolve to Lean Management. Lean has long been seen as an approach (approach or philosophy) specific to existing businesses … Continue reading How Lean can help startups – Introduction