The catalyst

I like this word "catalyst" when talking about “a person whose talk, enthusiasm, or energy causes others to be more friendly, enthusiastic, or energetic”. We don’t use it currently in French even so the meaning is the same, we’ll talk about “moderator”, “facilitator” or “coach” instead. Yet “catalyst” is much more how I felt recently … Continue reading The catalyst

Goal Tree chronicles – The hamster and the tree

Companies in nowadays competition need proactive and engaged people, yesteryear managers are expected to turn into leaders. Despite this general truth and the logical demonstration of required change, some managers just stick to their cosy routine: the hamsters. In this post: How a “hamster” manager refuses to embrace change required by robust logical analysis At … Continue reading Goal Tree chronicles – The hamster and the tree

Measurement is the first improvement step

It’s a kind of magic and it works every time: setup some indicators to measure something and this very something will automatically start improving, without any other action. Well, it looks a kind of magic but is a very human trait. People pay attention, stick to the rules and behave from the moment they can … Continue reading Measurement is the first improvement step

Tales from the Pyramid – Head first

Imagine a bold general in front of his troops, commanding the assault against the enemy. Spurring his horse to assault he dashed. Alone. His troops didn’t move. It’s more or less how some top executives must feel, when confident about the tactical moves and their overall strategy, they order the decisive manoeuvre but the bulk … Continue reading Tales from the Pyramid – Head first

Tales from the pyramid – the ivory tower

In some organization, top management is cut from its base, managing from remote offices and linked to operations and organization's real life through reports, dashboards and KPIs. I've met some of those managers brilliantly talking the talk but seldom, if ever, walking it. If they would - this is what they did with me - … Continue reading Tales from the pyramid – the ivory tower

Benchmarking is only trouble!

It happens periodically. When managers are faced with improvement challenge, they ask for benchmarks. Not because they’re eager to take it on competition but to check if by chance they’re not already better or at least good enough, thus escape the challenge. And this is only the beginning with trouble about Benchmarking. Benchmarking It is … Continue reading Benchmarking is only trouble!

Tales from the Pyramid – the hole in the pyramid

No senior manager ever denied his/her organization does not suffer a hole in the pyramid. I coined this expression (originally in French) after seeing it in all companies I visited as a consultant. Pyramid with a hole The hole in the pyramid is a management vacuum left by middle managers who do not (fully) take … Continue reading Tales from the Pyramid – the hole in the pyramid

Tales from the Pyramid – What versus how

Newly promoted team leaders or even managers do not always know how to behave in their new role, especially those climbing up the ladder from operations and technical backgrounds. What these new managers do not always understand is the sudden switch from orders to carry out to empowerment with more autonomy and decisions to take. … Continue reading Tales from the Pyramid – What versus how

VSM Pitfall: unnecessary process

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is probably the main analysis tool and the most used in the lean toolbox. Easy to understand and handle, VSM is the starting point of improvement workshops and kaizen events. It helps focusing on wastes and improvement potentials in any process. The ease of use and popularity of VSM make them … Continue reading VSM Pitfall: unnecessary process

Aon Hewitt’s employee engagement model

Aon Hewitt’s model has six main drivers which shapes the experience within the company, “Engagement Drivers.” These are the areas over which management has a great deal of control—the action areas. Our extensive research formed the six major categories of the work experience that include the work people do, the people they work with, opportunities, … Continue reading Aon Hewitt’s employee engagement model