Reflecting on Lean – Lean Confusion by Jill Jusko

Lean confusion is a 3-page article by Jill Jusko, posted on on Aug 13, 2010. Despite the time past, this article is still actual and may well continue to remain that way. This post is friendly recension of mine, having read it long after its publishing (2016 vs. 2010). Jusko’s article starts on the … Continue reading Reflecting on Lean – Lean Confusion by Jill Jusko

Definition of Lean in 15 words

One day after posting "Difficult definition of Lean" I came across Alessandro Di Fiore’s HBR article "The Art of Crafting a 15-Word Strategy Statement". The similarities between a concise strategy statement and a concise Lean definition struck me immediately. As a Lean definition may serve as a strategy statement and if a compelling strategy statement … Continue reading Definition of Lean in 15 words

Difficult definition of Lean

Did you ever face the same difficulty explaining Lean to someone who knows nothing about it? It’s a real dilemma between giving a short yet oversimplified definition or setting up a kind of improvised conference that may disconnect your audience before it got the minimum understanding about Lean, isn’t it? Once familiar with Lean, the … Continue reading Difficult definition of Lean

Mike Rother’s definition of Lean

Defining Lean in a concise way is a challenge. Mike Rother's definition as reported in february 2014 issue of Quality Progress goes like this: Lean is the permanent struggle to flow value to one customer This elevator pitch needs to be further explained. Mike Rother delivers some additional bullet points onto which I develop a … Continue reading Mike Rother’s definition of Lean

Definition of Lean

Dan Jones, what is lean? Lean is about a new business model that delivers far more superior performance for customers, employees, shareholders and society at large. Initially this superior performance delivers exactly what customer wants, without any problems, delays, hassles, errors and firefighting. Very quickly it’s also freeing up the capacity to deliver a third … Continue reading Definition of Lean