Lean rule of thirds

The rule of thirds here has nothing to do with framing picture in photography even if some metaphoric similarities can be discussed. The rule of thirds I am thinking about is the potential improvement with Lean. My own experience tells me that every time a process is analyzed in a lean way, at least 30% … Continue reading Lean rule of thirds

How lean are you? Part 5

The previous posts described approaches for Lean assessment and leanness measurement with their strengths and weaknesses. Yet for self-assessment or when trying to get a feeling about a supplier, such in-depth analyses are not necessary. The next series of posts starting with this one deals with qualitative approaches of a Lean assessment. Starting with top … Continue reading How lean are you? Part 5

Difficult definition of Lean

Did you ever face the same difficulty explaining Lean to someone who knows nothing about it? It’s a real dilemma between giving a short yet oversimplified definition or setting up a kind of improvised conference that may disconnect your audience before it got the minimum understanding about Lean, isn’t it? Once familiar with Lean, the … Continue reading Difficult definition of Lean

Definition of Lean

Dan Jones, what is lean? Lean is about a new business model that delivers far more superior performance for customers, employees, shareholders and society at large. Initially this superior performance delivers exactly what customer wants, without any problems, delays, hassles, errors and firefighting. Very quickly it’s also freeing up the capacity to deliver a third … Continue reading Definition of Lean