Two years with my Chromebook

We write June 28th of 2015. It is now two years (July 2013) since I purchased a Samsung Chromebook model 303C12. Faithful sidekick when traveling light and long battery life are required, when in couch surfing mood or for typing my blog posts, I happen to be disappointed sometimes. But as it goes with friends, it … Continue reading Two years with my Chromebook

Chromebook, the end of honeymoon

One and half year after purchasing my Samsung Chromebook model 303C12, the advantages I once saw faded away in front of growing frustration, ending the honeymoon. Let’s be fair, my Chromebook did overall well for what I asked it for. I wanted it mainly for convenient writing, long battery life and low weight. I purchased … Continue reading Chromebook, the end of honeymoon

One year with my Chromebook

In July 2013 I purchased a Samsung Chromebook model 303C12. Convenient, silent and always ready sidekick at home, when I couch-surf or need quick access to the Web, but also as a travel companion on holidays. The highlights for me: lightweight, slim, compact long battery life silent, barely warming You may read >my testing here< December … Continue reading One year with my Chromebook