Samples from LTP training with Bill Dettmer (Day 1)

Paris, June 2016. Bill Dettmer delivers his 6-day Logical Thinking Process training course in our offices. I am attending on the host’s and partner’s side, going through the whole course for the second time (I got my certificate the previous year) as a backup facilitator-if-needed, a master of ceremony, reporter and videographer.

While Bill is sharing his knowledge and experience, I videotape with his consent in order to promote the course and show you samples of what happens during the 6 days.

The following video shows samples of the morning of the first day, once introductions have been made, backgrounds, expectations and motivations of attendants shared.

I am sorry for the poor image quality due to low light, but this is a tradeoff between sharing the experience with the viewers and bothering the course attendants who paid for their seat.

The first morning is spent on some basic theory about the logical relationships, the structure of the different logical trees and how to build them. It paves the way for the afternoon’s exercise in which each participant builds his/her own Goal Tree, then, in turns, presents it to others and have it scrutinized by the others, under Bill’s supervision and coaching.

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Where I could have used a Goal Tree but didn’t know about the tool then

During the June 2016 Logical Thinking Process alumni reunion, Bill Dettmer asked the participants to share their “War Stories”, i.e. experience with the Logical Thinking Process (LTP) and LTP tools.
I came up with several short stories. In this excerpt, I recall I could have used a Goal Tree but didn’t know the tool at that time.

The story I tell is the one that inspired my post Goal tree chronicles – The pharma plant.

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Bill Dettmer and David Poveda share views about planning

David Poveda is a Colombia-based consultant, Owner and  Director of FLOWING Consultoria. David is well-known for his successful implementations of Theory of Constraints (ToC) and Lean-based solutions, and his expertise about Demand Driven MRP (DDMRP).

Just before the Logical Thinking Process training in Paris, in June 2016, he paid a visit to Marris Consulting and met Bill Dettmer. Both agreed to share thought about various subjects and in front of recording camcorder.

In this 10 minute video, David shares his views about planning techniques and somewhat surprisingly links ToC’s Thinking Processes to planning, especially Bill Dettmer’s Goal Tree .

According to David, the Thinking Processes should be called “the real planning processes“, because they are a complete planning and execution methodology. Bill is somewhat taken by surprise and explains the origins of his Logical Thinking Process (LTP) being in complex problem solving, but realizing with David’s inputs that changing what is done requires competent planning.

David goes on and explains that a Goal Tree is a planning tool for smaller projects as well, and many of David’s clients agree about not knowing how to plan. Therefore the LTP should be taught more widely.

Limits of Logical Thinking Process

In this excerpt of day one from the 6-day Logical Thinking Process training course, Bill Dettmer explains that the very front end, the two first tools (Goal Tree and Current Reality Tree) are deterministic, based on facts. The other steps and tools are about future, which can only be based on probabilities.

At the end of this short video, Bill gives his definition of the Logical Thinking Process.

Logical Thinking Process training June 2016 opening speech

Paris, June 2016, day 1 of the Logical Thinking Process training course hosted by Marris Consulting, Philip Marris welcomes the participants with a speech.

Philip’s speech is a mix of teasing and testimony as well as an analysis of the growing relevance of Theory of Constraints (ToC). Philip also explains how the Logical Thinking Process tools help focusing, the core idea of ToC. Finally he shares his thoughts about why the participants are in the room that day: it takes a peculiar mindset to go the Logical Thinking Process way, people do not attend this course by chance.

After more than 16 minutes, Bill Dettmer finally can welcome the participants too.

I was fortunate to attend on the host side to facilitate the 6-day course, also taking care about video and photos of the venue. If you want to see how the 6 days unfolded in fastforward (2 mn), >click here<

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3-color system for Goal Trees

In this 5 minute excerpt from the Logical Thinking Process (LTP) Alumni reunion with Bill Dettmer, June 2016 in Paris, France, I explain my 3-color system for assessing the current reality with a Goal Tree.

The 3-color system is a visual management tool to assess the organization’s readyness to achieve its Goal and shows where to act in priority.

You’ll find several articles on this topic here on my blog, for instance:

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June 2016 LTP Alumni Reunion

June 2016, right after the 6-day Logical Thinking Process (LTP) training course with Bill Dettmer in Paris, France, the first LTP Alumni Reunion took place.

The 2-day reunion’s intent was to bring together former LTP students who attended one of Bill Dettmer’s numerous courses, share experience and “war stories” and start building a community. Bill was also proposing a hands-on workshop to demonstrate how to build a Current Reality Tree with tighter logic using the syllogism.

I participated as an alumni (2015) as well as a host. The event was hosted in our (Marris Consulting’s) offices in downtown Paris

The reunion proved to be a success, although the participants were limited in numbers (seats were not limited) mostly because of personal agendas.

Listen to Bill Dettmer opening the reunion

One participant was not a “true” alumni as he did not (yet) take the LTP course, but came in as a “guest observer”. Nevertheless, Jean-Luc was familiar with the TOC Thinking Processes and had personal experience using them.

In this video I am discussing the learnings from this event with Bill on the very evening of the last day.

As decided during the reunion, we will keep on proposing periodical reunions, yearly probably for gathering in some place and every six months in between with a live webinar.

We also created a LTP Linkedin discussion group to have a common space for announcements, sharing and promoting LTP:

The future alumni reunions will be relatively open to newcomers upon invitation and the LTP group will remain open to non-alumni.

I hope to meet you somewhere in near future!

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Discussing the Logical Thinking Process Alumni Reunion with Bill Dettmer

Immediately after the 6-day Logical Thinking Process (LTP) training course in Paris, France, June 2016, the LTP alumni of former training sessions gathered for 2 days in order to share experiences and hone our Logical Thinking abilities with Bill Dettmer.

Right after the second day of this reunion, I discussed the event with Bill in front of the camera:

Testimonies after the Logical Thinking Process training course – June 2016

June 1st to 8th, 2016 I was involved in the 6-day Logical Thinking Process training course with Bill Dettmer, in Paris, France.

I was part of the hosting party, did some organisation and promotion work, served as an assistant to Bill when participants went building their logical trees, shot pictures and videos of the event. During the last day I asked the participants if they would share their feedback in front of the camera.

Here are 3 of them: Max (Sweden), Nicolas (France) and Spyros (Cyprus)