Seven questions fostering efficiency – assigning tasks

Managers, how many times after assigning tasks have you been disappointed by the results / the lack of results? Before scolding people, reflect about what you asked them to do and the way you assigned the task. It could be the way you pass the task over is the cause of your disappointment. Having to … Continue reading Seven questions fostering efficiency – assigning tasks

Seven questions fostering efficiency

Managers, how many times a day are you interrupted by a colleague or a subordinate who comes to you with a problem, a suggestion, a complaint or a great idea? How many times, when this happens, is the person able to explain in a logical and concise way what makes him/her disturb you? Not very … Continue reading Seven questions fostering efficiency

Goal Tree for personal Goal

Goal Tree is a great tool to describe everything necessary to achieve a goal, from topmost objectives called Critical Success Factors (CSFs) to the underlying Necessary Conditions (NCs). All elements of a Goal Tree are linked together by a logical necessary condition relationship (in order to have... we must...), which is a powerful filter to … Continue reading Goal Tree for personal Goal