Definition of Lean in 15 words

One day after posting “Difficult definition of Lean” I came across Alessandro Di Fiore’s HBR article “The Art of Crafting a 15-Word Strategy Statement“. The similarities between a concise strategy statement and a concise Lean definition struck me immediately. As a Lean definition may serve as a strategy statement and if a compelling strategy statement … Continue reading Definition of Lean in 15 words

If tool age didn’t pave the way of management age

Lean’s Tool age is approximately the period between 1990 and 2006 in which western companies discovering Lean first tried to copy-paste the Toyota Production System’s tools and methods. Using these tools and methods brought nice successes, but kept inferior to Toyota’s and seldom sustainable. Jim Womack was among the analysts discovering the true nature of … Continue reading If tool age didn’t pave the way of management age

Lean Basics

What is Lean? > Dan Jones and Jim Womack give their definition of Lean James P. Womack, Daniel T. Jones and Daniel Roos wrote The Machine That Changed the World, based on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s study on the future of the automobile and first published in 1990. It was during this study that … Continue reading Lean Basics

Lean Management

Lean Principles Respect for people: it starts with saying hello Lean transformation Lean Transformation Model by John Shook Why I don’t like Lean houses, except one Lean transformation model as TP trees Lean Thinking Value, value-added, value stream Why this lean obsession about waste? If tool age didn’t pave the way of management age Lean … Continue reading Lean Management


My Lean resources are organized in five sections: Lean Basics Lean means many things, difficult to pack into a concise yet faithful definition Dan Jones and Jim Womack give their definition of Lean Mike Rother’s definition of Lean The difficult definition of Lean Definition of Lean in 15 words Value, value-added, value stream Is Lean … Continue reading Lean