What is Six Sigma?

Beside Lean, Six Sigma counts among the most popular performance improvement approaches. Based (and named) upon statistical data and tools, Six Sigma's aim is to speak with data and facts. It is the most "scientific" methodology in the Theory of Constraints - Lean - Six Sigma (TLS) trio. Once thought to replace Lean, Six Sigma … Continue reading What is Six Sigma?

Value, value-added, value stream

Value is usually defined, at least in Lean-thinking context, as “something the customer is ready to pay for”, which leaves to customers the entire freedom to choose what makes value to them. It can be something worth a lot of money because made of precious material, something desirable like an item that gives his owner … Continue reading Value, value-added, value stream

How to get from Goal Tree to action plan

The Goal Tree is a simple looking tool, great for focusing on the purpose or Goal and aligning all contributions toward the organization’s goal. As often with simple looking tools, its principle is simple but its construction and use can be tricky. How to get from Goal Tree to a concrete action plan is one … Continue reading How to get from Goal Tree to action plan

Goal Tree for personal Goal

Goal Tree is a great tool to describe everything necessary to achieve a goal, from topmost objectives called Critical Success Factors (CSFs) to the underlying Necessary Conditions (NCs). All elements of a Goal Tree are linked together by a logical necessary condition relationship (in order to have... we must...), which is a powerful filter to … Continue reading Goal Tree for personal Goal

How Goal Tree can help Hoshin Kanri

Hoshin Kanri or policy deployment’s purpose is to focus and align all contributions on a limited number of necessary breakthroughs, in order to achieve the goal without diluting limited resources on minor on irrelevant subjects. The X-Matrix is used to breakdown the higher objectives, usually the breakthroughs, into smaller objectives and actions, setup the KPIs … Continue reading How Goal Tree can help Hoshin Kanri

What is Hoshin Kanri?

Hoshin Kanri or Hoshin planning, strategic planning or policy deployment is a method designed to focus and align all contributions of the organization’s staff on required breakthroughs in order to achieve the top strategic objectives. Lack of focus It is very common in all kind of organizations that people work a lot, spend energy and … Continue reading What is Hoshin Kanri?

Goal Tree as vehicle for change management

Building a Goal Tree with lower level employees take them on board, involve them and help embrace change. If you are not familiar with Goal Trees you may read this introduction to the tool first Quick reminder A Goal Tree starts with Purpose or Goal of the organization in the top box of the tree. … Continue reading Goal Tree as vehicle for change management

Four uses of an A3 report

When talking about A3 reports, one thinks about problem solving approach. While this Lean tool perfectly fits this purpose, there is more than just a structured and formal approach to problem solving in it. The four uses of an A3 report When using A3 reports one soon notices it's a great media for telling stories. … Continue reading Four uses of an A3 report

Deeper into A3 Reports

An A3 Report can be seen as a structured paper report which size is the DIN A3 (297 x 420 mm), metric equivalent to 11" x 17" (or B-sized). Yet this would be a restrictive understanding of this Lean tool popularized by Toyota. Deeper into A3 Reports A3 reports are structured formats based on Plan-Do-Check-Act … Continue reading Deeper into A3 Reports

What is a Goal Tree?

A Goal Tree, sometimes still referred to as Intermediate Objective Map or IO Map, is primarily a Logical Thinking Process tool, itself linked to the Theory of Constraints. The top of the tree deals with strategic planning while going down to its bottom links strategy to operations. The very top of the tree holds the Goal, … Continue reading What is a Goal Tree?