Lean in digital age: sensors and data

In near future, technology and especially connected objects - smart things stuffed with sensors and so-called wearable devices - will supercharge Lean improvements. One example of such already used device is given in a Mark Graban podcast about Hand Hygiene & Patient Safety. In this podcast (Episode #205), Mark’s guest Joe Schnur, VP Business Development … Continue reading Lean in digital age: sensors and data


Lean in the digital age: free apps

Lean-educated people will consider value as something a customer is ready to pay for because the product or service has some value from his/her point of view. Lean-educated people will consider to use just-needed resources and avoid unnecessary storage. But what about free or almost free apps for smartphones and tablets? Do the Lean principles … Continue reading Lean in the digital age: free apps

Can 5S survive big data?

5S are meant to be the foundations of operational excellence as no efficient work is imaginable in a messy, dirty and unsuitable-for-quality environment. This is long proven in the “physical world” and until recently transposable into the virtual world of digital information. In short, 5S is a framework for sorting, organizing, tidying, set housekeeping and … Continue reading Can 5S survive big data?