Future of Lean and additive manufacturing

In a previous post titled “How much non-added value additive manufacturing can take out of actual processes?” my prospective thinking was all about technological disruptions and the impact on companies. The same question is valid for the future of Lean. If as I assume much of the non-added value can be taken out of actual … Continue reading Future of Lean and additive manufacturing

Lean in digital age: sensors and data

In near future, technology and especially connected objects - smart things stuffed with sensors and so-called wearable devices - will supercharge Lean improvements. One example of such already used device is given in a Mark Graban podcast about Hand Hygiene & Patient Safety. In this podcast (Episode #205), Mark’s guest Joe Schnur, VP Business Development … Continue reading Lean in digital age: sensors and data

Lean in the digital age: free apps

Lean-educated people will consider value as something a customer is ready to pay for because the product or service has some value from his/her point of view. Lean-educated people will consider to use just-needed resources and avoid unnecessary storage. But what about free or almost free apps for smartphones and tablets? Do the Lean principles … Continue reading Lean in the digital age: free apps

Can 5S survive big data?

5S are meant to be the foundations of operational excellence as no efficient work is imaginable in a messy, dirty and unsuitable-for-quality environment. This is long proven in the “physical world” and until recently transposable into the virtual world of digital information. In short, 5S is a framework for sorting, organizing, tidying, set housekeeping and … Continue reading Can 5S survive big data?