Can Industry 4.0 rejuvenate Total Productive Maintenance?

In this post: TPM in a nutshell Linking Industry 4.0 (smart factories) to TPM TPM autonomous maintenance in 4.0 environment Can Industry 4.0 rejuvenate Total Productive Maintenance? The youngest among my blog readers may not understand what I mean with Total Productive Maintenance, this pre-Lean management approach to maximize machines and equipment effectiveness and aiming … Continue reading Can Industry 4.0 rejuvenate Total Productive Maintenance?

What is autonomous maintenance (TPM)?

Autonomous maintenance is one of the 8 Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) pillars, it aims to give both competence and responsibility for routine maintenance, such as cleaning, lubricating, and inspection to operators. The aims and targeted benefits of autonomous maintenance The ultimate goal of Total Productive Maintenance is to enhance machines’ effectiveness. TPM is a participative … Continue reading What is autonomous maintenance (TPM)?

Goal Tree Chronicles – Enablers vs.triggers

In this post I explain the difference between enablers and triggers in logic trees, which basically is explaining how Necessity-based logic differs from Sufficiency-based logic. I then explain the basic assumption when building a Goal Tree and why the Goal will not automatically be achieved even if a most of Necessary Conditions are fulfilled. Necessity … Continue reading Goal Tree Chronicles – Enablers vs.triggers

The man-machine system performance

When looking for performance improvement of a man-machine system, too often management puts emphasis onto machine or technology at large, ignoring the fact that humans associated with equipment, machines or technology form an interrelated system and consequently humans are the discriminating factor. The fallacy of trusting the latest technology There is a strong belief, backed … Continue reading The man-machine system performance

The very minimum to know about Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a KPI which reflects overall equipment or machine performance in a single number, expressed in %. OEE compares the actual ok output to the total output achievable in perfect conditions. As perfect conditions are not likely to be permanently granted, OEE is a mere theoretical benchmark, nevertheless something operational staff … Continue reading The very minimum to know about Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

The Quick Beginner’s Guide to 5S – Seiso or Sweep, Shine, scrub

The third S of the series of 5 stands for Seiso, which can be translated as ‘cleaning’ or for the sake of verbs starting with an S: Shine, Scrub, Sweep, Sanitize and the like. In the introduction post to this series, I summarized 5S as a philosophy, approach or methodology to provide simple, effective rules … Continue reading The Quick Beginner’s Guide to 5S – Seiso or Sweep, Shine, scrub