Your next bottleneck is elsewhere (and in the future)

Theory of Constraints provides the five focusing steps, an iterative improvement process which aims to focus efforts on the sole system constraint (often a bottleneck). These five steps are: Identify the constraint (bottleneck) Exploit the constraint; improve capacity utilization Subordinate all non-constraint resources to the constraint Increase the capacity of constraint if relevant Repeat step … Continue reading Your next bottleneck is elsewhere (and in the future)

Beware of bottleneck hunting!

In the following video interview, Philip Marris (answering Clarke Ching’s questions) states that the five focusing steps of Theory of Constraints are wrong! Well it needs some more listening  to understand the wisdom behind the provocative statement. First, the five focusing steps (5FS) are basically ok. What bothers Philip is the fifth step after the … Continue reading Beware of bottleneck hunting!