Could Six Sigma have more harmed than helped?

I started my career in the heyday of Total Quality Management (TQM) in France, beginning of the 1980’s and witnessed over the following years how the TQM trainings and deployments built a quality-aware culture in the companies and spread to everyday’s life. Over time though, other “Japanese Methods” became fashionable and the hype was on … Continue reading Could Six Sigma have more harmed than helped?

What is an Interference Diagram?

The Interference Diagram (ID) is a relatively simple tool to help surface, value and sort out interferences, Undesirable Effects or obstacles usually described as “problems”. The ID found its place within the Theory of Constraints Logical Thinking toolbox, but “Unlike the other thinking tools the ID is not based on logic, but rather on intuition(1)”. … Continue reading What is an Interference Diagram?