Will instant gratification survive COVID-19?

Most of people having experienced lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, directly or indirectly, have also most probably rediscovered the necessity of anticipation and the fading of instant gratification.

Supplies that we were accustomed to get anytime or at short notice simply weren’t available anymore. No way to get out and sip your espresso in the bistrot nearby (I am living in Paris, France) or pick your favorite coffee from another coffee shop. The capsules I was used to get delivered (non-premium) within 48 hours took up to 10 days to find their way to our door. The building door that is, not the appartment’s. The parcel more thrown to me than handed.

Regular postal deliveries were first stopped, then resumed partially, with extensions of delays not seen since mail traveled on stage coaches. A shame for what is advertised a public service by the way, with overunionized employees refusing to take service for fear of contamination. To this very day (May 12, 2020), 56 days after lockdown started in France, postal service deliveries are still happy guesses, with apps tracking and reporting faithfully their progress at snail tempo.

Even the trusted services of Amazon could not deliver everything and not in the usual short delays. So what happened to customers? They learnt to take into account extended delays and to anticipate orders. In the process, many have had time to consider if their order was worth bothering the few working staff and their need real, worth puffing more CO2 into the cleaner air for something non vital, and exposing the delivery guys to the dreaded virus.

And you know what? Not a big deal after all.

Instant gratification is not that important and for some deliveries, the waiting is part of the desire for it. Hence my question, will instant gratification survive COVID-19?

About The Author, Chris HOHMANN

About The Author, Chris HOHMANN

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