A video introduction to DDMRP

The buzz around Demand-Driven Material Requirements Planning is getting louder. If you don’t know what it is all about, here is a video primer.

An Introduction to DDMRP (HD) from Demand Driven Institute LLC on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “A video introduction to DDMRP

  1. My review of DDMRP, contrasted with Lean’s approach of Just-in-Time (JIT), as very often DDMRP is positioned as “a friend of Lean”:
    My conclusion, in short, is that DDMRP shares some of the objectives and elements of JIT, but — in the end — is fundamentally different from Lean’s JIT approach (both technically and socio-technically).
    So when pursuing this path, my advise would be to be aware of these differences and their possible consequences.


    • Rob, I am puzzled. Your article’s title is “Eight Reasons Why DDMRP isn’t Lean”, which it did never – as far as I know – claim to be. Instead I read and heard “Lean friendly” or “integrating Lean principles”. So to me it looks like hard work for a tautology.


      • Chris, as you write DDMRP is said to be “integrating Lean principles”. I contest this in the article. I think that if you respect Lean principles, you wouldn’t go for DDMRP, which is what I try to argument in the post.


      • Rob, many companies went so Lean by the book, trying to reach zero inventory, and messing up more than doing good. And I’m not even mentioning cutting costs pretending chasing waste. Anyway I think near future will show if the two cannot nicely go along together. I see DDMRP gaining traction and attention and showing impressive results despite VUCA environments.
        As Lean thinking oriented as I am, I keep open-minded about any new developments. DDMRP is definitely something I will closely watch.
        You may have other opinion, works for me.


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