June 2016 LTP Alumni Reunion

June 2016, right after the 6-day Logical Thinking Process (LTP) training course with Bill Dettmer in Paris, France, the first LTP Alumni Reunion took place.

The 2-day reunion’s intent was to bring together former LTP students who attended one of Bill Dettmer’s numerous courses, share experience and “war stories” and start building a community. Bill was also proposing a hands-on workshop to demonstrate how to build a Current Reality Tree with tighter logic using the syllogism.

I participated as an alumni (2015) as well as a host.

The reunion proved to be a success, although the participants were limited in numbers (seats were not limited) mostly because of personal agendas.

Listen to Bill Dettmer opening the reunion

One participant was not a “true” alumni as he did not (yet) take the LTP course, but came in as a “guest observer”. Nevertheless, Jean-Luc was familiar with the TOC Thinking Processes and had personal experience using them.

In this video I am discussing the learnings from this event with Bill on the very evening of the last day.

As decided during the reunion, we will keep on proposing periodical reunions, yearly probably for gathering in some place and every six months in between with a live webinar.

We also created a LTP Linkedin discussion group to have a common space for announcements, sharing and promoting LTP: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8555389

The future alumni reunions will be relatively open to newcomers upon invitation and the LTP group will remain open to non-alumni.

I hope to meet you somewhere in near future!

About the author, Chris HOHMANN

About the author, Chris HOHMANN

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