June, the month of the Logical Thinking Process

For the second consecutive year (2016), June will be the month of the Logical Thinking Process with the return of Bill Dettmer for his intensive Logical Thinking Process (LTP) training in Paris, France.

Dettmer and Hohmann

Dettmer and Hohmann

The idea of learning to think logically can make some smile, however, experience shows that the general population is not as rational in its analyses and choices one might think.

Actually thinking logically, more specifically the Logical Thinking Process, is more a means to analyze and solve complex problems whose causes appear as multiple, elusive and entangled.

Bill Dettmer has enriched the original Theory of Constraints / Logical Thinking Processes corpus by creating an additional tool which I am very fond of: the Goal Tree. Bill also wrote several books and popularized his knowledge making his expertise available to the public in accessible language (English) and offering a pragmatic approach to what he calls “strategic navigation” and “complex problem solving”.

I am fortunate to find myself on the organizing side of LTP training lasting six days (2×3) and therefore able to “participate” again after completing the cycle and getting my LTP certificate in June 2015.

After the training session, we’ll meet former Bill’s students for an alumni meeting, two days to exchange our experiences and benefit from the latest developments of the “Dettmer Method”.

I’ll post tweets and articles over the days.

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3 thoughts on “June, the month of the Logical Thinking Process

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  2. Give a big hug to Mr Bill Dettmer. I brought him once to Saltillo, Mexico back in 1999 in guess, but the company i was in did not embrace a lot the TOC concept.
    But i thank this guy to have had the time to come. Thanks Bill!!


  3. Hola, Rafael… como estas? I remember my visit to Saltillo very well. I made a second visit to Nuevo Leon in 2003 as the guest of Professor Felipe Quintanilla at La Universidad, to do a public workshop there on TOC. But I will always remember your hospitality in Saltillo and the fact that you introduced me to mole for the first time! Ciao, mi amigo, y buena suerte! BILL


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