Learning Faster

In this video, Clarke Ching explains Philip Marris how to speed up learning by speeding up the audio book playback. While Philip has reservations about this technique, I do use it with several medias:

  • Podcast playback on iPhone x1.5 (x2 is usually too fast for me)
  • Youtube conferences clips, Youtube allows x1.25; x1.5 or x2
  • Pocket, (getpocket.com) the app that stores web pages of files for later reading embeds a vocal synthesizer (at least on iPhone) with variable speed. This app reads in several languages and gives indications about text formatting.
  • Adobe Reader proposes Read Out Loud Text-to-Speech Tool (https://www.adobe.com/enterprise/accessibility/reader6/sec2.html)

I agree with Clarke: the speeding up of the reading saves time while remaining understandable.

If you’d like to share your tricks, post a comment!

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