Craft an actionable future and bring your organization to a higher level

Craft an actionable future and bring your organization to a higher level” is the title we’ve chosen for Bill Dettmer‘s Logical Thinking Process training course. And we believe this title tells it all.

LTP invitation card

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The program in PDF format can be >downloaded here<

During these 6 days (2×3)* from January 13th till 20th, each participant will go through 6 steps, from refining the Goal of his/her organization to the elaboration of the action plan to achieve it.

*As the training course is high density, Bill put a week-end in the middle in order to relax (and have opportunity to visit Paris!), but also to minimize the impact on participant’s organization during their absence.

Bill will personally review all Logical Trees and coach each participant. Everyone will return with a full set of actionable solutions. Therefore all participants are required to come with a complex problem to solve or a strategy to be crafted and deployed.

I will be there on the host side, having gone through the course and got my certificate of mastery in June 2015, and be glad to welcome you in our offices, on the 27th floor of the Montparnasse Tower, the tallest building in downtown Paris, in front of the Eiffel Tower.


 Registration form is >here<

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