Why 5S fail? We’re done!

Most of 5S assessment or audit systems I’ve seen are built upon a maturity scale, usually from 1 (poor or insufficient) to 5 (complete, satisfactory or the like) for each of the 5Ss and a schedule for the assessments or audits.

The way these systems are built is most often misleading, letting people believe that once the minimum level achieved to pass the audit is reached for every S, they’re done.

In fact they had one first turn of the PDCA wheel. Yet achieving this is sometimes painstaking enough that facilitators in charge are not eager to explain it was just a start and the whole has to be repeated over and over at higher level each time.

Management sees a good enough improvement of the situation and is not really willing to sponsor an activity that does not directly yield more output.

So there is a hypocrite general agreement that “they’re done” with 5S and it’s time to move on to something else.

This post is part of the Why 5S fail series

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