Two years with my Chromebook

We write June 28th of 2015. It is now two years (July 2013) since I purchased a Samsung Chromebook model 303C12. Faithful sidekick when traveling light and long battery life are required, when in couch surfing mood or for typing my blog posts, I happen to be disappointed sometimes. But as it goes with friends, it doesn’t last long before we find back together.

My Chromy is a convenient, silent and always ready sidekick at home, when I couch-surf or need quick access to the Web, but also as a travel companion on holidays. The highlights for me:

  • lightweight, slim, compact
  • long battery life
  • silent, barely warming

You may read >my testing here<

In December 2014, after one and half year, I got more and more frustrated and wrote a rather angry post stating the honeymoon ends. After a while, my Chromebook found a way to get my favor back.

One thing that is really unmatched with it is the comfort of its Chiclets-keyboard. As writing posts is one of my principal uses of my Chromebook, I appreciate.

So, finally the second anniversary of me and my Chromebook is only a few days ahead.

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