Goal Tree: Beware of autumnal colors

A Goal Tree is the logical description of all Necessary Conditions that must be fulfilled in order to achieve the organization’s Goal. A Goal Tree is also the benchmark against which to measure the actual state, thus showing where and onto what focusing improvement efforts.

After building a Goal Tree, I propose to color-code its leaves in order to get a visual indication of the maturity and performance of the organization. The color code is made of the three usual colors : Red, Amber and Green.

In the logic of the Goal Tree, the Goal can only be achieved is all Necessary Conditions are fulfilled or all its leaves are Green.

When building a Goal Tree leaves are usually in autumnal colors, which is quite normal: the Goal Tree makes sense when searching for improvements, thus not being good, aligned or efficient in any required skills or activities.

If the autumnal colors of turning leaves are beautiful sights in nature, it’s a scary sight for an organization’s Goal Tree. The more Red, the worse the state of the assessed Necessary Conditions.

While turning leaves are preparation and protection for winter before the next blooming in spring, turning leaves on a Goal Tree may indicate the end without rebirth.

Red Necessary Conditions need therefore special attention and priority as the color indicates the most critical deviation from the desired benchmark.

Unlikely in nature, leaves on a Goal Tree can turn from Red to Green and Amber to Green. Provided it is not too late.

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