Some thoughts for 2015

In the early days of 2015 I am not thinking about resolutions I won’t stick to, I am thinking about practices I’ve witnessed and evolutions I presume will happen.

These ideas are seeds of the future posts on this blog.

Among the posts to come, the Lean pendulum. It could be thought that after long emphasis about methods and tools, Lean would go for more Lean management, swinging the Lean pendulum from disconnected local usage of tools to a consistent holistic thinking and acting in a Lean philosophy way.

Indeed, some companies stress more Lean management, but looking closer what looks like embracing Lean Management is nothing more than selecting other tools out of the Lean nicely stuffed toolbox, with less results though.

Another post to come (Published!) is about poor problem management, disregarding C customers. Instead of solving problems and preventing them, companies select which customers they’ll satisfy at the expenses of the others.

I also plan a series of posts about 3D printing and business owners unaware of the potential disruptions they’ll face. Maybe these threats will renew interest for strategic analysis?

All new posts will be announced on twitter, so follow me…


2 thoughts on “Some thoughts for 2015

  1. Bonjour,

    Tout d’abord je tiens à vous souhaiter tous mes Vœux de Santé et de Réussite pour 2015 !!!

    J’aimerai approfondir ma compréhension et mes compétences concernant la ToC … avez-vous une formation à me conseiller ?


    Cordialement / Best Regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen
    Jean-Luc HEINRICH
    « Success is a journey, not a destination » Ben Sweetland


    Bayer S.A.S.
    Bayer Environmental Science
    16 rue Jean Marie Leclair
    69266 LYON Cedex 09 – FRANCE

    Phone: +33 4 7285 4918
    Mobile: +33 6 84 51 90 31
    Fax: +33 4 7285 4619


    • Bonjour et merci pour vos bons voeux, je vous souhaite en retour une année pleine de succès à tous points de vue.

      Concernant les formations, je vous invite à visiter la page correspondante sur le site de Marris-Consulting:
      Les formations seront également régulièrement annoncées sur le nouveau compte twitter: @Marris_co_fr
      Les formations sont possibles en intra entreprise sur une journée ou deux selon la demande.


      Christian HOHMANN


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