Starting a new year: 2015


Chris HOHMANN – Author

The first day of the year 2015 started with a beautiful sunrise, which I saw as a good omen for the 364 days to follow.

The first day of a new year is highly symbolic for a new start, resolutions and hope, even so the same new start, resolutions or hope could happen on any other day in the year.

That’s why my new year started one month earlier, when joining my new company and receiving a lot of kind congratulation messages from my personal / pro network.

Joining this new company brings new exciting perspectives and learning opportunities.

Especially Theory of Constraints, still barely known in France, will be part of my assignments and not only an opportunistic support to Lean and Six Sigma. All three approaches or methodologies combined as TLS synergy are on the ‘regular menu’.

I wish all of you to find your own reasons to get passionate and celebrate successes in 2015!

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