Video interviews with Bill Dettmer: LTP training participant’s testimony

Erik Mano co-Director of Marco Tech and Philip Marris CEO of Marris Consulting discuss Bill Dettmer’s Logical Thinking Process.

Erik Mano describes how he became interested in The Logical Thinking Process (LTP): his ambition to improve the performance of his company. Discovering Eliyahu Goldratt’s business novel “The Goal” and the hidden thinking processes it this book, reading Bill Dettmer’s book “The Logical Thinking Process” and then participating in Bill’s 6 day training workshop, applying LTP to his company and finally developing the habit of using LTP as an everyday reflex.

He comments on: the “Goal Tree”, the “Current Reality Tree”, the visual aspect of “trees” to explain and convince people and the “Evaporating Cloud” conflict resolution tool.

A quote:

By identifying your goal and where you stand today, you see the gap and you can get everyone to agree on the gap. Just doing this means you have reached quite a good level in your organization.

Filmed in Paris in November 2014. Video production by Christian Hohmann. Erik Mano was a guest of Marris Consulting.

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