Three easy steps to better work environment

How about a workplace suitable for efficient and safe work? What if any workplace can be transformed into it with three simple steps?

Here it goes:

1. Simplify your workplace

Make all you need for efficient work handy and visible, get rid of clutter and disturbing items. Give minimalism a try to have only what is absolutely necessary for your work around you.

Be hard. Challenge the necessity of the half dead plant in its ugly pot and the real value of yesteryear’s calendars.

  • Cute handmade gifts from the kids can be kept somewhere else, can’t they?
  • How often do you need any of the papers that pile up on you desk or on any flat surface around you?
  • Do you really need to keep them? If yes must they pile up here or can you store them anywhere else?

2. Arrange

Arrange all remaining items, only the strictly necessary ones in such a manner you’ll find them easily, spot them even from some distance and be able to see immediately if they are usable, in good shape, etc.

This avoids searching and losing time because of mess. It avoids making one more print of a document because the previous print is somewhere around but cannot be found right now and such kind of annoyance.

A good advice is to place the items in the workspace accordingly to their frequency of use. The more frequent the closest, the less frequent the farthest. Doing this will help to keep workplace free from clutter and distraction, potential hazards and mistakes.

3. Clean

(Re)moving items is a good opportunity to clean the space from any stains or dust and to fix everything which is broken or replace it.

Cleaning is more than just cleaning, it’s a kind of inspection.

Keeping the workplace clean is a good way to see anything either at its normal place and nominal state or getting worn out, unfit for work. It helps spotting sources of dirt and so on.

Some regular cleaning may be necessary for some time, but the goal is to avoid the need of cleaning by suppressing the source of dirt.

Doesn’t it sound like 5S?

Yes, what I described above are the three first steps of the 5S methodology, but you’ve noticed I used no Japanese word and nothing else than plain common sense.

You can start with that and give it a trial.

Anybody is able to discover the principles of 5S, the latter have “simply” been packaged and honed for new adopters to speed up and save the trivia learning time.

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