What is a Current Reality Tree?

The Current Reality Tree (CRT) is one of the Theory of Constraints (ToC) Thinking Processes (TP) tools. A CRT is built on Undesirable Effects (UDEs) linked by logical cause-effect-cause relationship called “sufficiency”. Sufficiency logic relationship is in the form of “if A is true then B is true”, or “if A exists, then B exists”.

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UDEs are written in round squared boxes and arrows depict the relationship. The linkage between UDEs makes a shape of a tree, the root cause being, as the name tells, the bottom-most cause.

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ToC assumed (still does?) that most Undesirable Effects are the visible effects of a unique or a small number of critical root causes*, the constraints. If the constraint can be identified and eliminated, all related UDEs will disappear. Therefore it is meaningful to focus all energy and limited resources to identify and elevate the constraint.

*Read “What is a critical root cause?”

A constraint is a limiting factor that hinders the system to deliver more value.

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