Goal Tree: How green is your tree?

A Goal Tree is more than a great Logical Thinking Process tool, it is a visual management media that allows to communicate, tell the real story and list all Necessary Conditions (NCs) to achieve the Goal.

Exploiting the visual aspect of the tool would not be complete without adding a color code to show the status of each NC. That is why I recommend, once the Tree completed, to color each box (NCs and CSFs) with the three Green / Amber / Red colors according the completion and mastery of the box content.

Goal Tree

The meaning behind the color code is easy to grasp: Red is no good to poor, Amber is just above poor to unsteady and Green is OK and under constant control.

To learn more about Goal Tree box status and assessment, >click here<

So once the Tree is built, the question is how green is your tree?

If the Tree displays autumnal colors, mainly Reds and Ambers, the Goal may be far from achieved and efforts to pay are still important.

If the Tree displays spring colors, mainly Greens, the Goal seems close and the last efforts are required to achieve it.

Of course, your Tree should not go for all seasons alternately. It’s likely that you start with lots of Reds but over time the Tree must turn Green and no box should fall back into Amber nor Red.

When assessing the status of each box, refrain from greenwashing. Slack assessment may require later additional efforts to strengthen the NCs’ status while take a toll on people’s motivation.

About the author, Chris HOHMANN

About the author, Chris HOHMANN

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