From Goal statement to Goal achievement

From Goal statement to Goal achievement

The complete process

The complete process from Goal statement to Goal achievement uses a Goal Tree. A Goal Tree starts with the Goal statement and Goal statement is top management’s/owner’s legitimate task.

Once the Goal clearly stated, top management must state the few Critical Success Factors. Critical Success Factors (CSFs) are top most objectives that must be achieved in order to have the Goal achieved.

It is meaningful that top management defines CSFs as these few objectives are the assigned ones to the next management level and what top management has to monitor.

Once CSFs defined, the next management level is to engage their teams and work with them to breakdown each CSF in the suite of Necessary Conditions (NCs) which are subordinate objectives (sometimes referred to as Intermediate Objectives) which are necessary to achieve in order to achieve the CSFs and ultimately the Goal.

The structure of the NCs spreading from the CSFs is Tree-like, thus the name of the tool: Goal Tree.

Once the structure complete, if it was not done real time while breaking down the NCs, each of them must be checked if complying with the necessity logic requirement.

Necessity logic is in the form of: in order to have A we need B, conversely B is absolutely necessary for A to happen. It is easy to understand that every NC not complying with the requirement in NOT necessary, thus should not be found in the Tree. This is a convenient way to filter out the nice-to-haves and focus on the must-haves.

Check out Goal Tree Chronicles – Enablers vs.triggers for the differences between necessity and sufficiency logic

I suggest to assess each NC with Red/Amber/Green status depending on its actual state. A Goal Tree in autumn colors (mainly Amber and Red) depicts a global situation still far from achieving the Goal. A Goal Tree in spring colors (mainly Green) depicts a situation close to achieve the Goal.

From the NCs statuses an action plan is relatively easy to build: Red and Amber NCs must be turned into steady Green.

Once action plan built, the actions must be carried out and the NCs status periodically reviewed. The Goal Tree must turn green in order to achieve the Goal.

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