Goal Tree: scalable, fractal

I usually present the Goal Tree in a strategic perspective, starting with the organization’s Goal or Purpose and the structure of all Necessary Conditions supporting it. Yet the Goal Tree is not only for strategy at highest level, it can be used in subordinate layers of the organization as well.

The former name of the Goal Tree is Intermediate Objective (IO) Map (see Bill Dettmer’s paper here). The Intermediate Objectives are all the conditions necessary to achieve in order to achieve a higher objective, ultimately the Goal. A subordinate condition to an objective can itself be an objective with subordinate conditions, and so on.

The Goal Tree is usable at any level, it is scalable, fractal.

The Goal Tree hereunder is the one for a company, while the blue portion is one department’s Goal Tree. What is a Necessary Condition for the global Tree becomes the Goal for this department.

Goal Tree fractal

A Goal Tree is an adjustable tool with which it is possible to zoom in and out, structure the policy/strategy deployment in all layers and departments of an organization.

About the author, Chris HOHMANN

About the author, Chris HOHMANN

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