Fighting boredom at Ikea

What can a guy like me do to fight boredom at Ikea, with a smartphone but no carrier network?
Photos! I realized that this place is full of patterns, shapes and colors.
The self-imposed challenge was to take close-ups and find some interesting angles with available goods.

Soon I found lots of pictures to shoot and it was the first time at Ikea my wife had to wait for me!

For those interested in technique: the pictures were shot with an iphone5 with HDR function on.I kept the best shot HDR/non-HDR and later cropped the pictures for web publishing.

Some pictures have been slightly corrected for contrast and/or saturation in post treatment.

The challenge is to get a steady position while avoiding reflections. Ambient light is no problem, there is plenty, but reflections can be a problem.


I didn’t move any objects except a black hanger a temporarily put atop white ones.


I like the repeating patterns and color variations

That’s me! A selfie in a bowl.

More to come, soon.


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